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Guardians Of The Galaxy was great

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"You are not in this world to live up to anybody’s expectations but your own. Do what you think is right."

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Chicago Fire - one gifset per episode
2×15 - Keep Your Mouth Shut

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KUBRICK: An Art Tribute Show to the Films of Stanley Kubrick" at Spoke Art.

Spoke Art will be presenting over 60 artist’s work of art dedicated to Stanley Kubrick in their new show “KUBRICK” which opens on Saturday, September 6th in San Francisco, California.  Kubrick is responsible for some of the greatest films in history, which leaves plenty of room for contributing artists to draw from.  The work above is by Tracie Ching, Kate Copeland, Epyon5, Bartosz Kosowaski, Sam Gilbey and Guillaume Morellec.

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Test photo lapse of a piece i’m working on. Done in photoshop.

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*takes a deep breath* I will not let this fictional character ruin me

failed step one

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I see no lies here

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Life goin’ nowhere. Somebody help me, yeah. Stayin’ alive.

Jim Moriarty + Bee Gees’ Staying Alive

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